Wide Wellies - A new Phenomenon


Our Unique measuring system for wellie boots

The ‘one size fits all’ manufacturing principle’ means that a large group of women have found that they
are unable to wear what whey would really like to. As a result we decided to develop a range of wellie
boots which all women can have fun wearing. Our ‘confectionised ‘system provides women of all
shapes and sizes with an all weather wellie boot that incorporates comfort, fit and style. Wide Wellies have the widest collection worldwide. How? Our Wellie boots have been designed to fit women with calf sizes larger than the typical industry standard of 40cm. We design wellie boots with calf widths from 39 (L) to 5 4 (XXL) cm.
We can truly say that we offer a wellie boot, which is perfect for Plus Size women.
specifications Wide Wellie Boots in L, XL and XXL


If the calfwidth changes, the circumference around the ankle changes too. The ankle has been styled in such a way so that it fits perfectly around the ankle


Wide Wellies are available in 3 calfwidths. L, XL and XXL

Width and Length of the Foot

Wide Wellies are available in sizes 37 to 43 and are suitable for those requiring wide widths 

Re Enforced Heel

For stability

Interchangeable Footbed

Our specially designed, removable foot beds are designed using quality materials to provide both comfort and support 

Supportive Sole

Wide Wellies have a strengthened sole unit so that your feet will not tire